Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Judging Malay

What is going on with Malay? Speaking as Malay man himself, there is one thing i can assume in three simple words, “Malay Fuck Malays”. And judging that i am a muslim, i should not have been pouring out this sentence. But when one man is sure that all effort gone fruitless,he began to think out of context, both religion and ethic of words.

I have found the root of basis of my charge to be similar with Tun Dr. Mahathir. I was sure that he must have been out of his mind to using sarcasm & obvious resentment to Malay nation when he said ‘Melayu mudah lupa’ and produce his own book about Malay nationweakness. But it apparently not turning out so after years of ‘getting older’, ie learning the environment of Malay.

At present time, i am pretty convinced i can list out more than 100 weakness of Malay nation, ie my race. The weakness have not excluding me. But at the least end, i try to fix my mistakes whenever someone run onto my mistakes and pour it out. I also use muhasabah diri to find my own mistakes. But when one think if he is the only one who solely do the effort, of course he will do something out of line, reaching the limit of brain to think adherely to any principles anymore.

When i type this article, it does not mean that i ‘lupa daratan’. Never. But i have began to think that root of Malay problem is that ‘Malay fuck Malays’. Giving any chance to illustrate an example, ‘maybe some pejabat tanah officer been selling soil to the highest bidder, even though that soil has been exclusively to be sold to Malay’. This is just an example and don’t take heart in any part of the sentence. And now i am going out of the rude side of brain and in lieu, to go to critical part.

As i am an ipta student, and of which one subject i have taken is sains pemikiran dan etika, i can assume that the most logical explanation as to why Malay races, my races, has been so troublesome is the way each individual in Malays thinking, which can be more specifically translated, ‘Individualistic’. It means that most of our single malay never think of a malay as a prevailing race, but rather only they themselves & the closest relative. They can never judge their action if it will significantly affect the others Malay, maybe in perspective, judgment, and perception.

In more detailed explanation, this of my theory can also defined Malay don’t love Malay itself. We have never been loving our own race, as there are proof of my own. First, action which taking advantages from fellow raceman, eg. you can see in the way Malay man doing business. They will lies to earn more profit. Of course, this statement do not aims to criticize all the Malays. Instead, only those involved. Like a malay verb, ‘Siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas’

Conclusively, i have had my feeling go. So after this, those who had been reading this article can do their best endeavor to revolutionize the Malay race. We should change, even if not completely, we should do our best. We must no longer play sentiment 'selesa' etc. Stop living on your own & start loving and thinking about this race.



V said...

Woi sapa buat artikel ni? Terdapat kebenaran di dalamnya, walaupun ayat yg digunakan agak kasar...

ultra said...


myunn@plutocrat said...

Here are so many sentences can/to be created. If we are always thingking that sentence is very important to calling something but it dosent make effect/impact, i think it gone very waste. Actually in my opinion, the important thing is "the change" in Malay race. If we say that, ketuanan melayu, yes it be gone be right. But if can says like "terlampau", i think we are gone be weak. That something imbalance beside our right honestly.

Final says, a person bring so many reason/perspective/assumes. we are rarely to be same. So that i still respect another thinking as well as it still fair to our world.

Actually world is fair,
some of us say that world is unfair.. but the answer is.. honestly the unfair come from human itself, make it become unfair.

v said...

Yes, but it depends on the capability of person. I was only able to pour out sentence and opinion. We Malays have always be alone on our own.

The non-malay are dissatisfied with so-called Malay Supremacy because the government has failed to recognize other's races efforts in developing this country. I opines this term is no longer relevant. It better be revised, quick and sharp. Eg Malay Special Privileges.

what do you mean?

the unfair comes from the blessings of Allah & your effort. What create unfair is someone who holds power that has been used irresponsibly. How would you imagine if every government in this world is all clean&clear people? The world has more chance of fairness.

v said...

i dun judge malays as malays,i judge malays as human.

myunn@plutocrat said...

u said that..
"the unfair comes from the blessings of Allah & your effort."
I believe that Allah not support/blessings any unfair.. that why we have end of the day..
but u can only say that Allah CAN permission the unfair occur.
And what is important.. im not effort any unfair,silly. ;p

v said...


Yes, that would be about right. Al-Muqtadir, right? And what is that last sentence of yours, i can barely understand.

Unfair comes from people who do not know Allah.

myunn@plutocrat said...

i m sory. [:)

Keong said...

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang indah dengan pelbagai kaum. Kepelbagaian kaum menjadi aset kepada negara kita jika semua kaum hidup bersatu padu, bertolak ansur dan saling faham memahami. Sukar untuk sesebuah negara yang berbilang kaum sentiasa hidup beraman damai seperti Malaysia. Kebanyakkannya(kepelbagaian kaum) menjadi liabiliti kepada sesebuah negara tersebut. Kita adalah generasi baru yang akan menerajui serta membangunkan negara Malaysia dalam era globalisasi. Sesungguhnya. globalisasi ini mempercepat serta memudahkan sesebuah negara dijajah sama ada dari segi politik, ekonomi atau sosial. Jadi bukanlah semudah yang kita fikirkan untuk sentiasa merdeka daripada penjajah jika pemuda-pemudi kita semakin hari semakin leka. Sesebuah negara yang aman seperti Malaysia tentu dijadikan sasaran oleh individu, "ORGANISASI" atau negara lain yang berniat jahat. Dengan niat jahat dan hasad dengki, mereka akan cuba melaga-lagakan sesama kita sendiri, melihat kita bergaduh sesama sendiri, menjajah sedikit demi sedikit dan akhirnya menguasai negara kita.

Kerajaan sentiasa mengingatkan rakyat dan parti supaya tidak bermain dengan isu perkauman. Isu perkauman ibarat gunung berapi dan bom jangka. Perasaan membenci sesama kaum akan terkumpul sedikit demi sedikit. Jika ia meletup, adalah susah untuk "dipadamkan" sama ada dalam jangka masa panjang atau jangka masa pendek kerana fenomena ini akan berulang. Kita tidak dapat melihat dengan mata kasar sendiri sejauh mana kebencian orang lain terhadap kita kerana kebencian itu terletak di dalam hati individu sendiri.

Tidakkah anda bersyukur dan menghayati dengan keadaan sekarang yang aman dan harmoni? Sanggupkah kita melihat negara tercinta ini jatuh ke lembah kehancuran? Cubalah anda bayangkan, jika dalam masa 20-50 tahun lagi negara kita dalam peperangan, apakah perasaan anda dan situasi semasa peperangan? Apa yang akan terjadi kepada isteri, suami, anak dan juga keluarga yang tersayang? Sanggupkah anda membiarkan perkara ini berlaku akibat isu perkauman? Terdapat berbagai negara yang boleh dijadikan contoh dalam keadaan(pergaduhan dan peperangan antara kaum) ini termasuk negara kita sendiri. Tetapi syukur kepada Illahi kerana negara kita tidak berperang semasa insiden 13 Mei. Belajarlah daripada sejarah.

Marilah kita sama-sama membina, memperkasa, menguat serta mengekalkan hubungan yang kukuh sesama kaum supaya dengan kekuatan ini, kita dapat "menepis" daripada segala niat ORGANISASI atau NEGARA tertentu untuk menjajah MALAYSIA sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Jika pergaduhan kaum berlaku, saham di negara kita akan jatuh mendadak kerana keadaan yang tidak stabil dan tidak menyakinkan pelabur. Pelabur-pelabur bertindak menjual saham-saham mereka di pasaran. Dengan harga yang amat murah, jutawan-jutawan dari negara lain akan membeli semua saham tersebut dan akhirnya menguasai ekonomi negara kita. Dengan menguasai ekonomi, ia dapat menguasai politik dan juga kerajaan. Ambillah contoh seperti America. Saya percaya memang benar ada ORGANISASI-ORGANISASI yang telah merancang untuk melaga-lagakan kita, wewujudkan konspirasi-konspirasi dan mengatur langkah demi langkah untuk menjajah bukan sahaja negara kita, malahan seluruh dunia. Jadi renung-renungkanlah bertapa BAHAYANYA jika kita tidak saling faham, bertolak ansur memahami antara satu sama lain serta bermain dengan isu perkauman.



Keong said...

anyway,the v typing i dun judge bla bla bla is me..heh.trying whether can use same nick or not.

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ketua perusuh said...

keong in da house!
tq fren!

v said...


very good writing there. But i love the last paragraph. I admire your thought, unfortunately how many of 'you' is out there?

Significantly, x ramai yang menilai seorang dari segi 'human being'. Only someone constructively-critical like you. Rather, they use emotion.

And pasal usaha pihak2 tertentu untuk menjejaskan keharmonian kaum tidak boleh dinafikan. Ada 2 jenis, pertama pihak yang betul2 bersikap perkauman dan kedua, pihak yang tidak bersikap perkauman tetapi ada keuntungan di sebaliknya.

How weird of such Malaysian to be racist when there are no other ways but to live harmoniously together?

Keong said...

dear v,

sorry for the late reply, the purpose i write this article is to remind remind and keep remind people not to play with "fire". Besides, it can create more constructively-critical people through reading. I don't see the teaching system in Malaysia will make us unified in long term. One example that I would like to give is the primary SRJK school. The majority of students who join SRJK school are good in their mother's tongue, but they ain't good enough in Malay language. If the particular student doesn't master the Malay language, when they study in secondary school, they will leave behind the others. In moral class, they couldnt understand, couldn't communicate well with others, doesn't know others culture well n etc. This is the beginning of becoming racist and alot more other variables..

Anonymous said...

This is a very critical writing, and yet I see good intention.
The F Malay F thingy, other races did that to their own kind also.
But I do have something to say as a Malaysian.
Only way we can move forward is, not looking at whether one is a Malay or non-Malay when we deal with them, whether who is more deserving to give our money/business to manage/partner with, is to look for the best and most qualified and experienced person regardless of race.
Here is the reason and example,
If we feel that scholarship should be given to certain people, just based on their race or religion, not because the person is most qualified, then we essentially giving up our own rights to have best doctor to treat us when we are sick, the best teacher to teach out kids, the best engineers to build our bridge, the best lawyer to defend us when we are in legal trouble.
Yes, if we succumb to such need, forever we will never deserve the best to serve our society. Simple as that.

v said...

I am sorry for the rude words, though. Yea, i agree with you. Bcoz we are living a multi-racial country, government policies must be multi-racial too. It's people like you who should be in the govt.
People are best judged without stereotyping, bias, and other perceptual error. It's basis in producing good communication, hence good communication produces good peoples.
The problem, often most people that grasp the power is entangled with corruption, hidden agenda, nepotism, etc instead of citizen-centered. That is why.